As inhabitants of Planet Earth, we all have a responsibility to do our bit for the environment. Climate change is a continual threat to future generations, and every action we can take to reduce our carbon footprint makes a difference.

But humans are not the only residents of this planet. The animals, both domestic and wild, that make up the majority of living creatures also have a huge impact on the environment. But as humans, we are the only ones equipped to do anything about it.

As responsible pet parents, we can also ensure our beloved companion’s cause as little damage to the natural world as possible. Every single decision we make regarding our pets, from which food brand to buy to how we dispose of their waste, has far-reaching consequences for the planet. And one area where you can make a difference is by purchasing an eco-friendly bed for your pet.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re a cat or a dog person; your furry friend needs a place to sleep. But many pet beds sold in stores are made from unsustainable, mass-produced materials, which, as well as being environmentally unfriendly, are of poor quality and lack durability.

At Snooty Catz Green and Ethical Boutique, our range of cat and dog beds are designed for eco-conscious pets and their patents. Choose from fair trade Mimis Daughter ethically handmade from sustainable felt by female artisans in Nepal. FatFace beds are made in the UK from 100% cotton and the filling is made from recycled plastic bottles! Exceptional quality and comfort your pet will love.

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